Meyer’s practice includes sculpture, photography, installation and film examining our relationship with digitally manipulated imagery and the way it infiltrates our consciousness and identity. With a background in graphic design, her work employs the slick over-produced aesthetic found in luxury product advertising, exploring ideas around simulacra and the inherent deception of image manipulation.  Sourcing pictures from internet searches, disgarded print material and her own photographs, Meyer brings together images in much the same way that poetry places words together, activating the often concealed agency and meaning held within them.  The disparate subjects in Meyer’s work, seemingly unrelated, obscure and devoid of obvious meaning, force the viewer to decipher and make sense of the often conflicting narratives. In contrast to glossy quick-fix commercial images, the deconstructed, layered images in Meyer’s work are slow, ambiguous and nuanced, disrupting perception and comprehension.

Cultural theorist Jean Baudrillard suggested back in the 70’s/80’s that life was being lived through the world of images, today in our post-internet society, this is more true than ever, now often to the detriment of real lived experience. The steady diet of advertising, lifestyle blogs, fake news and social media feeds on our devices, has almost become a substitute for physical participation. Meyer’s work speaks to the relationship we have with these digitally manipulated images and products, exploring the way they affect our perception of the world off-line.

A multidisciplinary award winning recent MA Fine Art graduate, Meyer has had work shown in both group and solo shows in museums and galleries, including a recent invited digital artist residency.

“The contemporary gaze is filtered through algorithms and social media feeds containing artificial imagery that we have little control over. My work aims to disrupt these channels, through the appropriation, deconstruction and hybridisation of images and objects, to create new structures for seeing, questioning our increasing acceptance of this digitally manipulated world view.”  Maria Meyer



MA Fine Art – Distinction – The University of Hertfordshire. 2021

BA Fine Art – Middlesex University

Exhibitions, residencies and awards:

2021 – Artist talk and presentation – part of residency at Bayfordbury Estate. Sept 31st.

2021 – Artist led workshop – ‘Herts Arts’ event at Herts Uni.  27th Sept.

2021 – MA Grad Show – University of Hertfordshire – Sept 7th. 

2021 – Broadway Gallery, Letchworth.  Correspondence 01. (Group Show) Aug.

2021 – Phoenix Gallery, Exeter – Correspondence 01. (Group Show) Aug.

2021 – Digital Artist Residency – The University of Hertfordshire – June – August 

2021 – Artist led workshop as part of residency at Bayfordbury Estate.

2021 – Broadway Gallery, Letchworth – (Solo show) Jul – Aug.

2021 – Curators Choice Award – Bursary, mentoring and solo show Broadway Gallery.

2020 – Willesden Gallery, London – Insta Takeover.

2020 – Broadway Gallery, Letchworth – (Group Show)

2020 – Surface Gallery, Nottingham – ‘Mayday’. (Group show.)

2020 – St Albans Museum + Gallery – (Group Show)

2020 – Rhodes Gallery, Margate – ‘Women’s Work’ (Group show.)

2019 – Uppercase Gallery, University of Hertfordshire – (Group show.)

2019 – Masons Yard Gallery, Mayfair, London. – ‘a:tension’ – (Group show.)

2018 – Uppercase Gallery, University of Hertfordshire – (Group show.)

'In spite of my best efforts I always wind up doing the wrong thing.'
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